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Oh hai!

I’m a 30 year old all around digital artisan.

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I’m good with:

Things to do in the digital media overlap each other a lot.
No one can do everything but most of us can do a lot of different things. So can I.

This diagram makes an effort to present my area of expertise.

infographic extra info

I’ve worked for:

Turku 2011

Turku 2011

~ 3,5 years (2008-2011)

My last employer was the Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture -foundation.

I worked as an all around graphic designer, working mostly on digital graphics such as animated video screens and web, but also print, video editing, filming and more.

See some of the actual works

Turku Adult
Education Centre

4 courses

For a couple of semesters, I led courses about After Effects and 3ds max.

The courses consisted of ~4h/week schedules during various amounts of weeks.

Media Lab Helsinki
(Aalto University)

~ 4 months +

During my education, i worked a small fixed period on 3d modelling, animation and rendering at the TaiK Media Lab.

I also did some additional work later as a freelancer.

See some of the material I did

Premode Oy

~ 1 year (2012-2014)

At Premode, I work as the lead Art Director. I am responsible of modelling, mapping, lighting and rendering in 3d rendering software, but also real time Unity.

I also do all the ui/ux design to our applications. My job also consists of doing some print and motion images.

Taiste Oy

~ 1 year (2014-current)

I currently work as a UX Designer at Taiste

Several different
small jobs and projects

Countless of hours

Of course a lot of work offers come in small packages. I have done a lot of various jobs and projects such as poster design, post-processing, animation and 3d graphics.

Tools I use:

Here you see some of the graphics software I’ve used to the extent of worth mentioning.

Altough my main 3d software expertise centers around 3ds max, i have a very very deep understanding of the area of 3d graphics. Especially the rendering and modelling.

Therefore learning new software is not a problem and using different rendering packages is fery fluent for me.

Autodesk 3ds MAX


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Premiere


Adobe After Effects


Adobe Flash


Adobe InDesign




Adobe Encore




extra info

Fact corner!


I speak finnish as my native language, fluent english and a little bit of swedish.


I graduated as a bachelor of media from
Turku Arts academy at Turku University of
Applied Sciences in 2008.

Musical background

I have a long history with music. I went to a music-oriented school since 3rd grade till the end of high school, and I am very musically attuned person.

I actively produce electronic music, sing in a male choir, occasionally play as a dj and actively take part in the club scene of Turku in other ways too.

Therefore I also know very much of sound design and processing.

Hear my tracks

This is me, being me.

contact me at:
f o s s a d o u g l a s i (ät)